Masonry Repairs Masonry Repairs Masonry Repairs

Masonry Repairs

Rebuilding and insitu repairs;

This includes the replacement or restoration of isolated bricks, on all masonry structures. Our service varies from straight forward bricklaying to the very specialist dismantling and re-building of complex pediments and soffit skins to arched or vaulted masonry.

On older buildings, some of the masonry may be constructed from a number of different glazed 'specials' which are no' longer available. In such cases, the masonry needs to be dismantled with extreme caution, with every individual piece being numbered before being labelled and stacked in sequence.

Brickwork Repairs

Failing brickwork is a common problem in older buildings. A proportion of the masonry will usually have to be replaced involving the manufacturing of individual bricks identical to the originals. This is a service DSR offer in-house, and is tailored to individual clients' needs. The masonry can then be reconstructed in the reverse sequence to the dismantling process, with each brick or stone resuming it's original location. DSR’s fixing service can be used in connection with this service to stabilise or restrain areas of unstable, cracked or bowing masonry.

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