Structural Waterproofing Structural Waterproofing

Structural Waterproofing

Damp Proof Tanking

Concrete is often used as a tanking material particularly in underground structures or where the structure is intended to be watertight. DSR provide additional structural waterproofing measures which are often required. The most common applications are to lift pits, basements or the water industry.

Waterproof Deck Protection

Where external flooring is highly vulnerable to damage i.e. car parks, steps, balconies and walkways protection is often required. Exposure to the elements and years of traffic can result in degradation of the existing bituminous waterproofing system as well as mechanical damage to the concrete deck. DSR provide effective treatment which can include a slip resistance finish to remove the hazard for areas that can be particularly slippery when wet.

For areas subject to very heavy trafficking such as loading bays or airfield taxiways DSR can provide cement and epoxy modified products that provide excellent chemical and skid resistance. The products offer excellent freeze-thaw resistance and are fast curing so can withstand light foot traffic within a few hours of application.

We also apply cementitious coatings to concrete floors prior to vinyl or carpet coverings. The material is used as a levelling waterproofing layer and can be applied to damp surfaces which can solve the problem of unacceptably long and costly drying out periods.

Facade Waterproofing

High performance waterproof products can be applied to most masonry surfaces to offer further protection from water penetration.

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