Stone Restoration Stone Restoration Stone Restoration

Stone Restoration


An economical method of restoring the original beauty of stonework by using a purpose mixed repair mortar on areas of damaged or decayed stone. This technique can be used to totally re-create the original condition of the building, redefine artwork details and features or to re-establish the profiles, straight edges and water drips on badly eroded sections of string courses.


Sawn and carved stone of the highest quality is used on all DSR's products. We recognise that careful selection of the stone's source is paramount in achieving detailed matching of the colouring and textural qualities of the existing stone. Wherever possible, stone is sourced from the original quarry from which the building was constructed.


Techniques may be used to dress the existing stone and remove surface imperfections. This can sometimes be achieved by tooling back the face of the stone, or by de-scaling the decayed or eroded.

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