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Terracotta Repairs


Where sections of terracotta are totally missing, or where an area has become damaged beyond practical repair, the damaged or decayed blocks can be totally replaced by copying identical sections of adjacent details on the property enabling new blocks to be cast. Replacement blocks can alternatively be effective cast from restoration mortars if the amount of replacement is not great and budgets are limited.


Where cracks appear in terracotta, treatment can be provided in several variations as with restoration techniques. The blocks may be injected with a thixotropic epoxy resin to bond the material and give a weatherproof barrier which can then be finished to the required standard. Alternatively, the crack can be filled with a pigmented resin and polished or re-glazed to match the surrounding material, and deter future water ingress.


Dependent on the extent of the required restoration, small imperfections can be restored using a colour matched resin. Pigmented resin can be applied to stand slightly proud of the finish, prior to being polished back to the original profile. Restoration mortars can also be used, especially where the extent of the repairs are great, or when the surface cracking has exposed the skeleton of the units. Stainless steel reinforcements can also be included to strengthen the repair which can then be finished off with resin if required. In all cases, the restoration materials selected must be as compatible as possible with the properties of the terracotta being restored to prevent cracking and shrinkage.

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