Lime Pointing Lime Pointing

Lime Pointing

One of the main reasons for the decay of masonry is due to the lack of good pointing maintenance. Pointing and grouting have long been a 'hand-in-hand' service with all forms of masonry repairs.

Our pointing service can be hand, gun or pressure applied using traditional or proprietary products. Colour matched pointing, as within our restoration service, as an in-house speciality of DSR. Techniques such as brush and wash finished exposed aggregate mortars, even on the very oldest monuments and structures.

Natural hydraulic limes (NHLs) can be used and come in a range of strengths from NHL 2 (feebly hydraulic) and NHL 3.5 to NHL 5 (eminently hydraulic), which are suitable for a range of different applications and building elements. We also use non-hydraulic lime and sand mortars which are most commonly made from a lime putty containing at least 90 per cent calcium lime (CL90).

Grouting techniques used to stabilise masonry and to consolidate voids and rubble filled construction can be further complemented with the introduction of structural fixings.

Epoxy based pointing/repair materials are used where cracks require a load bearing filling, or when the finish needs to be polished in order to produce a surface to match terracotta or glazed brickwork.

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