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Masonry Cleaning

Cleaning facades of buildings is a responsible occupation, which we at DSR understand very well. Over the years DSR have developed numerous cleaning systems, pertinent to almost all types of building materials. Our operators are highly trained and experienced cleaners who understand and appreciate the effects all cleaning processes have on various building fabrics.

Being able to employ a number of cleaning processes, DSR can advise clients on the most suitable technique to use in connection with the type and condition of the material to be cleaned, and the level of soiling/deposits on the surface.

As pre-contract testing is essential, each project undergoes its own initial survey and detailed inspection. Inappropriate cleaning applications can have disastrous effects on the fašade if a building, which is why we take such care to correctly analyse the problems before considering which technique to adopt.

On historic buildings, the cleaning of masonry can be a sensitive issue, so we ensure our projects are undertaken in a conservative, as well as environmentally friendly fashion. Whenever possible, we endeavour to use non-chemical solutions to improve the ecological impact of all treatments. Cleaning fluids and abrasives are always used to the absolute minimum strengths and pressures required to achieve the right result.

Mist Sprays and Pressure Washing

A series of fine mist sprays can be programmed to operate over a period of time, such as a nebulas fašade treatment, to keep dirt and deposits moist whilst preventing the masonry from becoming saturated, risking damage. This enables soiled deposits to soften before being removed with phosphor bronze brushes or carborundum stones. The introduction of hot water, fungicides and mild detergents to pressure jets offer increased versatility and effectiveness to treat numerous conditions.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical systems can be used on a wide variety of fabrics Small sample areas are completed to confirm the suitability of the system and to determine the strengths and dwell times of any chemicals used. The facade is pre wet to ensure that all cleaning agents remain on the surface. Between each treatment, and on completion, the facade is thoroughly washed down with a medium to high pressure clean water jet. Any strong chemicals, acids or degreasers used and properly neutralised before being thoroughly rinsed off with clean water. Using a combination of chemicals and poultice paste applications, heavily soiled areas, graffiti and paint can all be effectively and sympathetically cleaned and restored to the desired standard.

Abrasive Cleaning

This process is tailored to each individual facade and substrate encountered. A very wide range of systems, vessel sizes, hoses, nozzles and choice of cleaning medium all affect the operator's degree of control. Abrasive mediums range from very fine and gentle acting calcium powders, as used in Joss/Doff systems, to various grades of sands and metal shot. With this flexibility available, DSR are able to clean all fabrics including very fine and delicate masonry and faience to timber and large metal structures.

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