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Structural Repairs

Masonry Crack Stitching , Bowing Masonry & Helifix Remedial Systems

Cracked masonry can be efficiently stabilised by bonding stainless steel bars into appropriate bed joints or cut slots. Tensile loads are redistributed along the masonry to minimise further developments of the crack.

DSR carry out various structural repairs using systems such as:

  • Helibeam
  • Dryfix
  • RetroTie
  • CemTie
  • BowTie
  • These extremely efficient systems can be used for almost every structural problem and can prevent expensive re-building costs. Typically these Systems remedy various structural problems such as;

  • Bowing Masonry
  • Failed Brick Arch Lintels
  • Masonry Arch Pinning
  • Cracks in solid walls
  • Cracks in cavity walls
  • Cracks in Stonework
  • Failing Bay windows
  • Remedial Wall Ties

    Cracking to buildings of cavity construction often occurs due to the failure of the existing cavity wall ties. Dale Structural Repairs would carry out investigations to identify the cause of crack damage using equipment such as wall tie detectors and endoscopes. Once the cause of damage is highlighted the most suitable remedial measures would be recommended by our structural repair experts.

    Tie Bars & Straps

    Buildings suffering from bulging brickwork and leaning walls can be effectively stabilised by tying back the affected walls. A series of bars and straps are secured to the internal face of the wall using Resin Anchors and are then screwed to the floor joists. This system can be used to span across internal floors and can be secured to another stable internal or external wall.

    Movement Joints

    Cracking of brickwork is a common problem in buildings originally constructed with no movement joints. Dale Structural Repairs can install movement joints at strategic locations to control the effects of expansion and contraction within the brickwork.


    Subsidence can arise in buildings of any age. This is usually a result of past mining or poor quality ground. Dale Structural Repairs can excavate down to the existing foundation to allow the structural engineer to evaluate the extent of the problem. In most cases the building can be stabilized by underpinning the existing foundation in staggered sections using steel reinforcement and concrete.

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