Heritage & listed buildings

The ageing of heritage buildings and structures often requires traditional methods of repair using materials that best match that of the existing. DSR can provide in house made repair mortars using traditional techniques as would have been used in the original construction process. In some cases the combination of both modern and traditional methods of repair are required to maintain and protect our heritage structures and listed buildings.

Structures that we regularly apply our specialist restoration services include banks, historic bridges, churches, monuments and various other listed buildings.

Bridges & tunnels

DSR carry out a wide range of specialist structural repair and strengthening techniques suitable for bridges, tunnels, parapets and abutment walls on a main or sub contract basis.

Commercial buildings

DSR have vast experience when it comes to reinforced concrete structures, and can provide materials that match the existing in design, colour, appearance and texture.

Education & health

DSR's services include facade restoration and cleaning applications including the remedying of structural defects which all contribute to the improvement of the buildings visual appearance.


DSR have vast experience when it comes to reinforced concrete structures, and can provide materials that match the existing in design, colour, appearance and texture.

Marine Structures

The marine environment can be a very challenging environment for all types of construction work. DSR have the experience required when operating within tidal waters and carrying out repairs, strengthening and refurbishment projects to harbours, jetties and other structures.

Multi storey car parks

DSR's repair and refurbishment of car parks returns a level of standard to the structure and extends its' service life. Our team have the knowledge to deal with the requirements of car park owners and operators and understand the needs of car drivers and pedestrians.

Rail Industry

DSR provides a nationwide service for the survey, repair, restoration and strengthening of concrete, masonry, steel and cast iron road and rail bridges.


DSR has completed many residential refurbishment schemes and are able to carry out isolated repairs to individual properties on request. We are confident that whatever problems may occur we can provide a cost effective solution which will extend the buildings service life.

Water Industry

Reinforced concrete structures, now routinely steel reinforced are increasingly susceptible to cracking and spalling as a result of corrosion of reinforcement and attack from effluent, soft water and freeze-thaw cycles. Unprotected steelwork is also similarly prone to corrosion in such aggressive environments.

Water Industry - Clean Water Sector

Application Areas

DSR's services are suitable for the treatment and upgrade of a wide range of water installations in the clean water sector:

  • Aqueducts
  • Chlorination plants
  • Concrete lagoons
  • Desalination plants
  • General infrastructure
  • Machine rooms
  • Pipelines
  • Pre-load tanks
  • Pumping stations
  • Raw water reservoirs
  • Raw water treatment works
  • Sand filter beds
  • Service reservoirs
  • Spillways
  • Treatment material stores
  • Water towers

Water Industry - Dirty Water Sector

The dirty sector of the Water Industry has its own highly demanding requirements and chemical resistance to raw sewage is amongst the most important. Another related problem arises from bacterial activity in sewage creating gasses that dissolve in water to produce strong acids. These often lead rapidly to the deterioration of concrete and the subsequent corrosion of steel.

Application Areas

DSR's services are suitable for the repair and protection of many structures in the dirty water sector:

  • Aeration tanks
  • Primary settlement tanks
  • Digester tanks
  • Sludge tanks
  • Filter plants
  • Spillways
  • Final filtration tanks
  • Storm water tanks
  • Flume channels Support chambers
  • Humus tanks Weirs

Nuclear & power Industry

DSR operate in the nuclear power sector understanding the attention to detail required to undertake successful projects at both nuclear and conventional power facilities.