Concrete Repair & Protection


What we do

Modern concrete structures have not proved to be as durable as was once anticipated, attracting maintenance issues that ensure they are capable of achieving their design life. Many concrete buildings are increasingly showing signs of distress, requiring urgent remedial attention. DSR can provide a full evaluation of the current condition of any concrete structure by establishing:

Multi-disciplined Repair & Rennovation

How it's done


DSR offer a high standard concrete repair service to act as a remedial or preventative measure against corroding reinforcement and spalling material, or to provide an attractive decorative façade also acting as a weatherproof coating. Standard applications include repairs to concrete beams, columns and soffits as well as industrial floors and full elevations and façades.

Our concrete repair service can therefore complement the existing integrity of the material; provide a purely aesthetical façade or a combination of both. All specifications are discharged to the highest standards of workmanship and, with our in-house cleaning resources, specifications that require the cleaning of reinforcement to SA 2.5 or 3.0 standards present no difficulties.

By using an ever widening range of innovative products DSR can offer systems including repair mortars suitable for application by hand, pouring or spray techniques. We offer High performance, decorative anti-carbonation coatings as well as waterproofing and anti-corrosion coatings for both steel and concrete. Being in a position to provide independent product advice ensures that the most practical and cost effective approaches to repairing spalling, cracked or contaminated concrete will always be fully considered.

Reinstatement of Cover

The depth of concrete covering reinforcement on structures is set by design standards and codes of practice. This is 60 years for normal structures and 120 years for bridges and tunnels.

It is common to find modern, well designed buildings a structures that have started to suffer deterioration due to poor workmanship during the construction process. Inadequate securing of formwork or reinforcement can result in low cover and if not identified and corrected immediately failure will be guaranteed.

Concrete Restoration

Due to an ever growing awareness in the UK of the importance of preserving our heritage an increasing number of reinforced concrete structures have been granted with listed status from English Heritage.

The heritage sector follows strict guidelines and can stipulate the type of materials permitted and often the options of repairs can be very limited. DSR can supply similar performing materials that match the appearance of the structure in terms of colour, texture and finish.

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